SIGMA Boomerang Funds

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The genuine offshore-center hedge fund for you.
Invest in the global main market by using three strategies.

What is Sigma Boomerang Fund? (in preparation)

Sigma Boomerang Fund (SBF) is the Irish Hedge Fund and pursuits “long-term stable return” based on the Sigma Boomerang Tactical Trading (SBT). The Fund invests in Major Japanese stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TOPIX).

SBT is a kind of Long-Short Trading which is popular among hedge funds, and is developed by Sigma Base Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd. (SBCAM). SBT is executed by the formulated trading rules and restrictions statistically in order to maximize return and to minimize risk at the same time.

Net exposure or Long-short bias of the Fund will be controlled neutral or slightly bullish at all times. Leverage applicable to the Fund will be normally 2-3 times the latest available Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund.

SBF forms 3 types of funds.

We aim to create "dream team of hedge funds", by mobilizing the investment techniques that have accumulated in the hedge fund industry of the world.

1. SBF Conservative
2. SBF Moderate
3. SBF Aggressive

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Return of SBT and SBF

Excepted return of The Boomerang Tactical Trading (SBT) and SIGMA Boomerang Funds (SBF) is calculated as follows:

Return of SBT and SBF =
  Return of Long/Short + Return of Boomerang (regression) + Return of Gearing

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