Connecting "Offshore center - Geneva - Tokyo"

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Convenient, safe and reliable support system.

SIGMA Hedge Funds invest in the global market. Tokyo office is also to be opened. We can provide integrated services by connecting "Offshore center - Geneva - Tokyo".

We are planning to build the "hedge fund triangle" by connecting the following three poles --- Offshore center, Mr. Phillip G. Oxnam's team in Geneva and SIGMA Base Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd. in Tokyo.
We will invest mainly in the method of "Boomerang Tactical Trading" for professional.

We take good care to be helpful for commercial banks, investment banks, investment advisors, and institutional/individual investors.
Especially, we will invite to real pleasure of hedge funds.

In addition to recommended funds, we are planning to provide the genuine Swiss private-bank service as the bridgehead of "SIGMA Wealth Management Services" in the future.

Fund Manager

Mr. Phillip Glanville Oxnam

GS Management S.A. (Geneva) President
Palladium Trustees S.A. (Geneva) Director
The Fungal Infection Trust (London) Chairman of the Board

Mr. Phillip Glanville Oxnam, is a graduate of the Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in the U.S.A., and Webster University in Geneva. He holds degrees in management, marketing, and economics with a concentration on analytical finance relation to company performance and investment valuation. He was responsible for the acquisition, completion, and integration of Emett & Chandler Inc., a California-based insurance broker, into the Jardine Matheson Group, which has since been publicly listed in London as Jardine Insurance Brokers plc. In his last employment with the Bordier & Cie, he was responsible for the Bank's investments into the U.S.A. and U.K. markets, and achieved investment returns of 30% per annum during his tenure.
In 2000 he established GS Management S.A. in Geneva specializing in corporate finance between the U.S.A. Europe and S.E. Asia. This includes mergers and acquisition, company finance and investment advisory services as well as support services to Palladium Capital Trust Limited (Nevis).
During 2013 and in light of the paradigm change in the structure and operation of the local trust business he assisted with the establishment of Palladium Trustees S.A. a Swiss registered trust company. Palladium provide professional trust services to a broad range of clients around the globe.
Mr. Phillip Glanville Oxnam has been a regular visitor to Japan and Tokyo and is a strong supporter of our work at Sigma Base Capital.

Investment Advisor

Masatoshi Shimizu - Chief Investment Advisor

Originator of The Boomerang Tactical Trading
President & CEO of Sigma Base Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd.
President & CEO of SIGMA BASE CAPITAL Corporation

Masatoshi Shimizu, is a graduate of the Hitotsubashi University in Japan, he holds degrees in finance, management, and economics.
He began his career as a banker with The Long Term Credit Bank of Japan (LTCB). He has been involved in corporate finance and trading of FX, Equity and Derivatives as well as looking after Greenwich Capital Markets Co., Ltd. (GCM) in Connecticut.
In 1990, he resigned LTCB and established Sigma Base Capital Co., Ltd. (SBCC) specializing in the Education of the theory and practice in Finance.
Sigma Base Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd. (SBCAM) is established in 2017.

Shunsuke Shimizu - Assistant Investment Advisor

Director of Sigma Base Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd.
C. M. A

Palladium Trustees SA: About Us

In an uncertain and ever changing world, financial planning is now more important than ever. It is difficult to cover all eventualities but it is possible to minimise and manage the risks. Trusts, Foundations and Offshore Companies are robust and proven channels to mitigate such eventualities.

Inheritance, bereavement, divorce, family matters and relocating to work in a foreign country all give rise to the need for successful financial planning and management.

Palladium Trustees have a wealth of experience in designing and implementing solutions to meet the needs of individual clients. The team has extensive practical experience in supporting a wide range of clients.

Palladium Trustees are regulated by the Association Romande des Intermediares Financiers (ARIF). We are uniquely placed to provide independent guidance to families and individuals seeking advice in establishing family charters. This can relate to both business and personal assets. We can also link in to a wide network of advisers to assist in matters of family governance, law and international tax.

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