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About Us

Our main services are as follows:

Sigma Investment School

Sigma Investment School "Sigma Investment School (SIS)" is an educational service which provides professional knowledge in finance.

education system

Schooling (Sigma 1st grade)

SIS opens the specialist course (Kenkyu-ka) and the professional course (Senmon-ka) in order to develop high-level financial skills such as derivatives, risk management, investment, corporate finance, and so on.

Correspondence & E-learning (Sigma 2nd, 3rd grade and entry course)

SIS opens over 30 courses for beginners and middle-class business-people and workers. Moreover, some qualifications lectures and AFP/CFP continuing education programs are held by SIS.

 Financial basic, Investment and risk management, Financial English,
 Finance mathematics, etc.

New Employee Training

SIS opens various classes for new entrants to financial institutions every spring and autumn since 2004.

Other services

Sigma Individual Investor School

Sigma Individual Investor School "Sigma Individual Investor School (SIIS)" is opened for every investor from beginner to experienced level.

Seminar for Investors

SIIS opens seminars to introduce the latest topics, including ones for experienced investors.

 Latest topics, Strategy, Professional risk control method

Investment Guidance School

 How to start stock investment, Schooling classes with at-home atmosphere,
 Technical/Fundamental analysis

Correspondence & E-learning for Investors

 Stock/Bond investment, Economy/Company analysis, Investment theory,
 Market psychology


We have published more than 100 books according to the idea, "The professional knowledge for all people."